Welcome to our class webpage. This is where you will find what we are covering, homework assignments, due dates, etc. I will use this to direct you to find class notes or worksheets. Please check it often if you are absent.


Columbian Exchange

April 27- May 8: World War II and The Cold War

Ch. 28 Vocabulary and Extra Credit (All levels)

Vocabulary and Extra Credit Due 5/8

World War II Battle Map Activity (honors)
You will need to google and find blank maps for the following areas: Europe (WWII), Africa (WWII), Pacific/Asia (WWII).

This is Due Thursday 4/30

Japanese Internment Camp Activity (All levels)

This is due 5/1

Japanese Internment Camp Extended Activity (Honors)

This is due 5/4 at the beginning of class.

Prezis for WWII
https://prezi.com/9pfwisle2aip/edit/#0_24309637- Beginning of WWII
https://prezi.com/ekkt5xijda9f/edit/#2_11948455 - Ending WWII

Test on World War II- May 5th.

April 14-22-World War 1
Vocabulary and Extra Credit

Vocabulary and Extra Credit Due 4/21

April 14-15: Main Chart


Prezis for WWI
Causes of the War: https://prezi.com/acnh1oq1n7mg/causes-of-world-war-i/
New types kind of war: https://prezi.com/cmmkbl99jdbe/a-new-kind-of-war/
U.S. Entry: https://prezi.com/uxsnx9nwj-2e/edit/#0_24309637

Read the last section of ch. 26 and take notes on the Treaty of Versailles and its importance and impact.

Group Project Assignment (Honors)

There will be a test/quiz on 4/21 over ch. 26 and a Roundtable project (honors) due 4/22


March 23-27- French Revolution
Here are the prezis

For Congress of Vienna go to the French Revolution page and look at the power point.

March 19-20- Enlightenment and American Revolution
Prezi for the Enlightenment- https://prezi.com/kykuxgyjqdue/the-enlightenment/

March 10-18
Columbian Exchange

English Civil War Prezi- https://prezi.com/hutjce7fkir8/1603/

English Civil War Timeline Assignment for Honors only- Due, March. 16.

Exploration and Absolutism Vocabulary and Extra Credit- All Classes- Due March 18

Review for Test on March 18

March 2-9: Renaissance and Reformation

Renaissance and Reformation Vocabulary and Extra Credit: Due March 10

Renaissance Postcard Assignment: Due March 10.

Standard Class- Please see me for the modified version of this assignment.

Here are links to the prezis we have used in class thus far
Italian Renaissance: https://prezi.com/dvqaydy0nhpd/the-reniassance/
Northern Renaissance: https://prezi.com/jg3iafo1vkuq/northern-renaissance/
Protestant Reformation:https://prezi.com/0dheucwmv5sx/protestant-reformation/
Counter Reformation:https://prezi.com/u1synxqifqzi/edit/#22_24309637

There will be a mock test given on Monday, March 9th in class.

Feb. 12-27- Middle Ages

Jan. 26 - Feb. 12: Ancient River Valley Civilizations

Here is a link to the online text book:

USER: iabsent
password: y2s3p
You can use this to access the online text book to finish whatever was not completed in class.

We are looking at Chapters 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. You will be creating a P.E.R.S.I.A D.C. chart for each civilization mentioned in those chapters. All of this will culminate into a final project.
Here is a description of what P.E.R.S.I.A. D. C. stands for:

You will create one for Mesopotamia, China, India, Greece, Rome and the Americas (Incas and Mayas).

Here is a link to the prezi for an example of what this would look like. I used Egypt. You will need to create an account if you do not already have one to be able to view it.


You will also need to do vocabulary for each civilization. I will post these as we come to each so keep an eye out.
Mesopotamia Vocabulary

Honors Vocabulary for Greece (chapter 5) and Rome (chapter 6)

Standard Vocabulary for Greece (chapter 5) and Rome (chapter 6)