March 11-18: We will be studying the Renaissance and the Reformation this week.
Tuesday- Italian Renaissance
Wednesday- Northern Renaissance
Thursday- Reformation
Friday- Counter Reformation
Monday- Review/Intro to Exploration
Tuesday- Test on chapter 15.

If you are absent please email me for make up work.

Extra credit: Due Friday, Feb. 21.
Go to the Ancient Rome page and watch the video on the Roman Baths and answer the questions. (5 pts. on P.E.R.S.I.A. D. C. Chart).
For another 5 points go the website listed under the video and complete one of the activities and write what you learned (about a paragraph).

Feb. 17-21:
Monday: Greece and Rome Packets
Tuesday: P.E.R.S.I.A.D.C chart for Greece
Wednesday: Review of Roman Government
Thursday: Roman Decline
Friday: Quiz on Greece and Rome

Feb. 10-14:
Monday: Gallery crawl for Ancient Civilizations Graphic Organizer
Tuesday: Ancient Greece: Politics
Wednesday: Ancient Greece: Culture
Thursday: Ancient Rome: Politics
Friday: Ancient Rome: Culture and Decline

If you are absent please email me for work. This week we will focus primarily on chapters 5 and 6.

Feb. 3-7:
Monday: We finished chapter 33 and reviewed the information we learned.
Tuesday: Introduction to Ancient Civilizations and P.E.R.S.I.A.
Wednesday: Mesopotamia (Ch. 2)
Thursday- Friday: Group work on one of the following civilizations: India, China, Egypt, American Indian Civilizations.

If you are absent please email me for any work that you missed or alternative assignment to do while you are out.

Welcome to World History. Each week I will list what we will be doing in class. If you are ever absent please look on this page for the work you may make up.

January 27-31:
Monday- Globalization and Trade (Ch. 33 Section 1)
Tuesday- Social Issues (Ch. 33 Section 2)
Wednesday- Threats to Global Security (Ch. 33 section 3)
Thursday- Environment and Technology (Ch. 33 section 4)
Friday- Review and Introduction to P.E.R.S.I.A.

See the tab Postwar Europe and find the page on Chapter 33

For Monday- Thursday read the section we covered and complete the section assessment at the end. Please turn in the reading on the next day you are in class.

Also remember that the World Map you were given with the tasks assigned is due Friday.

I know you do not have a book right now so use the online textbook. The information was provided to you on the syllabus handed out in class.